our family has been blessed to submit to a church that is doing what they can to equip parents with the tools/framework we need to disciple our children well.  the framework we’ve been taught is to think within these components:

Time – Moments – Milestones

Time – creating intentional family discipleship time in the things we are already doing. not adding an extra event into our already busy schedule. claim the time and events already going on in the day to day and use them to teach our children about God’s character, His nature and who He is. for my family this looks like weekly family nights. we choose to create intentional time at the dinner table since we are already there together.

Moments – capturing those moments when our children disobey or make unwise choices. or those times when we see our children making great decisions and reflecting the same character we see in Jesus. and really it isn’t limited to just those times when graham is good or bad. for my family this may look like when we watch a movie together like big hero 6 i recognize that the character baymax is always looking out for the well being of those around him. he was designed to be a ‘healthcare provider’. i tell graham “baymax reminds me of Jesus because Jesus was always looking out for people and taking care of them”.

Milestones – marking significant moments in graham’s life. we got to do this just recently as graham started kids day out. we planned a ‘school year’s eve party’ for him which he renamed as his ‘school birthday party’. we talked about how excited we were that he is going to get to learn and make new friends. we also taught him a scripture for any struggles he may encounter for this school year.  he got a couple of gifts and got to decorate a box that he’ll keep all his art in so we can look back at all the things he has done. that way he can see how God has helped him learn and grow. and to continue to teach him that God is always faithful because He loves his children.

being a disciple and making disciples isn’t an easy task but one we are called to as followers of Jesus. if we’ve got Holy Spirit residing in us, we have all we need to teach our children and learn for ourselves. i’m constantly reminded of God’s goodness and beauty. it’s who i desire that graham know better than anyone else. oh that my son would encounter the face of God that accurately reflects the character of God. and that by knowing the character of God, graham would know the will of the Father for His children. i need to be reminded that this is what life is about … intimacy with a  perfect loving Father and helping others create that same intimacy with Him.