for the past 2 years i’ve chosen a month to label as ‘life behind the lens’ via social media.  it’s a time when i’m intentional about truly exposing the heart behind the photos that i’m not so inclined to take and post. it serves to remind me that although we see all these beautiful and ‘instagram/facebook’ worthy photos of family, friends, and acquaintances; that behind many of those photos are hurting people. people that have real struggles with self hate, discontentment with their lives, battling spiritually heavy things, have a habit of comparing themselves, hurting through a miscarriage, struggling to know how to discipline their strong willed child or struggling to unconditionally love the man/woman they vowed to love and the list goes on and on and on. we are all real people with real struggles and many of us are going through it alone behind our lens.

this month, i choose to let you in to some of my internal thoughts and battles that are part of my daily life. i pray you’re encouraged to look past those beautiful family photos and (what looks like) perfectly executed bible lessons or art projects and see that there is a person that struggles with impatience *achooo..ME, self control *ahem me, anger *me, and lacking in grace *me again.

friends, welcome to the mess and of course those really beautiful moments in life. here’s to being real.